The Community Council is open to adults of all ages from the neighborhoods within the Youth Enrichment Zone. These participants are interested in improving their community by identifying needs in the area and working to find solutions. The Community Council consists of four committees that work along side the BRC board-led advisory councils. These committees are divided into four main categories in order to more effectively focus on the different areas of need within the community.


The committees are centered around health and well-being, academic success, public safety, and economic/community development, all of which contribute to the success, self sufficiency, and overall systematic transformation that the BRC wishes to bring about within the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in Wilmington. While the amount of meetings for each committee varies from month to month depending on the needs of the community as they arise, the Community Council as whole meets once a month at the Hemenway Center to reconvene and prioritize the issues that each committee has identified.


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